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Once you have a tree taken down there is normally a want for the stump to be eliminated. Now, even though removing the stump is an option, it is much more costly and abrasive to the lawn in the general area. Stump grinding, is a cheaper and less of a disturbance to your lawn, not to mention a great way to get the job done.

We offer the full service stump grinding so you are never left with a mess. We provide a thorough clean up of all debris, including the removing and dumping of all left over debris. We strive to leave the vegetation in the area with as little impact as possible.There fore, providing a clean, smoothed area, that is ready for use.

A stump from a Tree Removal we did earlier that day. Before we began our stump grinding process.

The stump grinding process has begun. At this point we are nearly finished grinding the stump, and will prepare to smooth over and/or remove any access grindings and dirt.

Our finished product! A smoothly raked area, that is ready for a multitude of uses.

In this particular case, a bad storm came through and destroyed three trees. In turn making them hazardous and possible liability. We were requested to remove and stump grind what was left of the palms.

Stump grinding is a fast and affordable way to eliminate your bulky stump, and with the rubber tires it will not damage your grass.


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